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We consider ourselves first and foremost restorative dentists. This means that we are looking to maintain and restore your mouth and smile to its healthiest state. So we offer cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns and bridges, implant restorations, partials and dentures, as well as other services. Dr. Bryant King enjoys doing a variety of procedures and increasing his skills throughout his career. While we will do as much as we feel we can competently accomplish in-house, we will also refer some procedures to local dental specialists. For certain procedures like difficult wisdom teeth extractions, advanced gum surgery, surgical placement of an implant, braces, and more complicated molar root canals; we may recommend certain highly skilled and caring local specialists. We do this when we feel that it is in your best interest. Your dental care comes before our business.

The term cosmetic dentist is used a lot. We look forward to getting good cosmetic results on any of your dental work and consider that very important. Your smile matters! But we are not a practice driven by changing the look of your smile unless that is what you desire or what your health and appearance requires. We want to be the kind of dentist that your whole family can rely on for care no matter what their dental needs and desires.

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